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Marketing in the Metaverse; Another upper funnel tactic or game changing conversion tool?

Single Source Data

Published 1st June 2022

Marketing in the Metaverse; Another upper funnel tactic or game changing conversion tool?

Our CMO, Andrew Carmody caught up with MediaCom, Poplar Studios and Tug at Advertising Week Europe’s Creative Capital event to discuss how brands can measure metaverse campaigns and whether it is the right marketing tool for all.

Single Source Data

Published 27th May 2022

To What Extent do the Best Ads on TV Drive Website Traffic?

Campaign magazine and Thinkbox recently published a list of the best TV ads of the year so far. We conducted a study to find out if these engaging creatives actually drove website traffic for the brands in question.

Single Source Data

Published 24th May 2022

How Single-Source data shone a light on TV ad performance for Hasbro’s Nerf

Using Single-Source data, we see how people interact with a brand’s products across all websites and retailers. In this blog, we looked at the effectiveness of Hasbro's Nerf TV ad campaign specifically and found some interesting results.

The effect of Frequency

Published 19th May 2022

Why TV advertising is effective: Revealing the true impact of TV ad frequency with Single-Source data

Frequency is mostly used as a blunt optimisation tool. In this post we take a look at actual effect of campaign frequency on consumer behaviour. The results are suprising.

Share of Voice

Published 15th May 2022

How to Increase Share of Voice Potential in TV Advertising

Does SoV have an effect on consumer actions such as website visits, quote requests and purchase in the world of car insurance? We dive in and find out.

Single Source Data

Published 4th May 2022

Tesco warns of declining reach of TV advertising. How Single-Source data can help

Is the reach of TV advertising waning? Or, are the current measurement and planning tools not up to the task of maximising reach and reducing duplication between the TV and online platforms? Single source data provides a solution

Market share

Published 1st May 2022

How has the shift to online supermarket shopping affected retailers’ market share?

The battle ground for market share is increasingly online. Which supermarket brands are benefitting from this shift and how can brands get the detailed view of their customers they need to thrive?


Published 11th April 2022

ViewersLogic Market Report  Uplift in the Supermarket sector

The new report illustrates the impact of ASDA’s TV advertising and reveals that it is easier to convert an offline shopper to online than convert existing online shoppers. The report is based on the analysis of online and offline customer acquisition as a result of TV advertising for ASDA vs Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. 

Single Source Data

Published 6th April 2022

Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo – Which TV campaign performed better?

The food delivery sector is booming and companies such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats are using TV advertising to grow their market share. We analysed their campaigns to see which brand performed best.