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Download the ViewersLogic app and start earning rewards for just living your life. No feedback forms. No surveys to fill out.
The app does all the work, passively gathering relevant data. We don't want you to do anything different or out of the ordinary. That's the whole point. We're just interested in how you behave as a consumer.

Simply download the app and that's it. You earn points every day that can be converted into Amazon gift cards each month. The longer you're a ViewersLogic panel member, and the more devices you install the app on, the more rewards you earn.

You stay completely anonymous and we don't share any personal data with anyone else.

There really is no catch. So what are you waiting for?

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Download Our App

Our Promises To You

  • We will always respect your data and your privacy.
  • We comply with the EU GDPR and other data protection legislation.
  • We will not sell your data to third parties.