The single source of truth

ViewersLogic passively collects the full range of behavioural data direct from the individual 24/7, providing the most complete, up to date and accurate consumer intelligence possible. This is true single source data.

Get the whole picture, not a collage

Our single source data reveals what individual consumers see, search and buy, so you can understand how they actually behave. Follow their journey to purchase, accurately measure attribution and plan your media and campaigns with precision.


TV Viewing Data
TV Viewing Data

TV Viewing Data

  • Channel viewed
  • Ads viewed
  • PVR
  • VOD
  • In-house location
Online Engagement

Online Engagement

  • Applications and usage
  • In app activity
  • Sites visited
  • Items browsed
  • Search activity
  • Online ads viewed
  • Social data


  • Location
  • Stores visited
  • Number of visits
  • Duration


  • In-store
  • Onlined
  • Price
  • Item
  • SKU Info

Our solutions

Single source data enables you to understand audiences and consumer behaviour in entirely new ways so you can create more effective, intelligence-driven campaigns.


Understand the impact of your TV and online campaigns and how they work together

Audience 360

Gain a deep understanding of your consumers’ behaviours and interests

Media Planning

Know exactly where to reach your target audience on TV and online

Competitive Analysis

We monitor all the different ways individuals interact with brands. This means that we can not just give you unrivalled information on your brand, but also on the customers, media plan and campaign performance of your competitors. To see the whole picture in this way is possible only with the single source data collected from our consumer panel - the biggest in the UK.