Stay ahead of changing markets and shifting behaviour

The most complete view of shopper preferences, influencers and behaviours keeps you one step ahead.

The most accurate consumer data available

Single source, cross channel data enables you to stay ahead of rapidly changing consumer behaviour. Get a deep understanding of your customers, your competitors' customers, and brand switchers by seeing what TV and online content they consume and the effect of advertising on their behaviour.

See what content engages your customers and the platforms and channels with most affective reach across TV, web and apps.

Discover where your target audience is most active on TV viewing, websites and apps to optimise campaigns and minimise waste.

Accurate data on brand purchase history plus intelligence on influences and behaviour over time delivers cross-media attribution you can trust.


Understand the impact of your TV and online campaigns and how they work together

Audience 360

Gain a deep understanding of your consumers’ behaviours and interests

Media Planning

Know exactly where to reach your target audience on TV and online