Single source analytics
for a connected media world

The first ever technology to collect behavioural data on a single consumer's TV, mobile, online and even offline activities.

Single source, Multi-platform measurement



  • Single source data collection
  • Behavioural data – no surveys
  • No need for data fusion
  • Passive monitoring
  • Accurate and robust data collection
  • Longitude data – understand your customers’ cross-platform journeys

business grade data on which you can base business decisions

ViewersLogic products

Every media planning process has 3 main elements. First  you aim to gain insights about your audience, then plan the campaign, and eventually you execute it in a connected way:

1. Insight | Audience 360

ViewersLogic enables you to learn about the media consumption of your target consumers: What did they really watch on TV? What is their online behaviour? Which mobile apps are they using? It's about going beyond traditional standard demographics, to observe the actual connected behaviour of your audience.

2. Campaign planning | Optimised plan

A new era of media requires a new kind of planning. With Viewers Logic you'll now be able to optimise your integrated media plan to match it precisely to your consumers' journeys.

3. Connected execution | Monitor & Adapt

Viewers Logic enables you to monitor your cross-platform media effectiveness, and adapt it as you go, to offer your clients a new level of campaign efficiency. This enables brands for the first time to understand the combined reach and frequency of their cross-platform campaigns

Services and applications

Services and applications for brands and ad agencies

  • Improve your TV Targeting based on actual digital behaviour
  • Integrate measurement of TV + online campaign performance
  • TV Attribution – Gain actual impact of TV advertising on consumers behaviour
  • Understand the journey to purchase– from the first ad to the final purchase
  • Segment your audience with rich behavioural profiles
  • Optimise cross-media campaign
  • observe brand consideration at the moment of purchase

About us

ViewersLogic was founded to solve one of the biggest challenges of today’s advertising world – the lack of business grade analytics in the TV world.

The invention of the Cookie in 1994 revolutionized online advertising, enabling the collection and usage of data on your customers. Marketers can monitor what people are doing following exposure to an online ad and to measure the exact ROI. That's why online advertising is fueled by user data, down to the level of the individual consumer By contrast, the planning of TV - still by far the biggest advertising medium - has lagged way behind… until now. ViewersLogic now enables marketers and their agencies to use the same kind of granular data to plan TV-centric campaigns

Management team

Ronny Golan | Co-Founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in building high-tech media companies from the initial idea stage to a successful exit. Ronny founded and managed 3 start-up companies including: HIRO-Media – the leader in online video ad serving technology and Valis -a successful wireless community start-up which was merged and floated in the AIM stock exchange.

In 2008, Ronny was named as one of the top 10 innovators to watch by Variety magazine. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and BsC in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Oren Poleg | Co-Founder & CTO

Oren is a Mobile platforms expert with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of mobile development and platform security. Oren has a proven track record in managing large scale projects for start-ups as well as multinational companies such as Orace and Sun Microsystems. As ViewersLogic’s Co-Founder Oren has been responsible for the development of the company’s state-of-the-art platform.

Oren holds a BSc in Computer Science & Mathematics from Tel-Aviv University and an MSc from IDC Herzliya.

Andrew Carmody | President

Andrew is a seasoned executive, experienced entrepreneur and investor. This diverse yet complementary experience has enabled him to successfully accelerate the development of small companies by leading strategic development and facilitating their relationships with large global businesses.

With a background in international marketing and business , he has focused much of his work on three sectors where he has both passion and experience: Media and Marketing , Data and Analytics and Technology.

Gur Shomron – Active chairman

Gur is an entrepreneur and investor, and has over 35 years of experience in building and financing high-tech companies, both in Israel and the US. Gur took his first company, Quality Computers, public in Israel. He later ran Foraz R&D fund and invested in companies such as Retalix (RTLX), Optisystems, WizTec and others. Gur is also the Chairman of WalkMe and Fidelis Diagnostics Inc., which he co-founded in 2004 and a Director in several other hi-tech companies. Gur was an early investor in successful companies such as Riptech, Objet, Sentigo and others."

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